Don't Be Uncomfortable In Your Own Car!

Here in Phoenix Arizona, we have one of the hottest climates in the United States right now we are averaging anywhere from 150 to 169 days of temperature over 90°. Warm weather calls for efficient air conditioning in your vehicle, and Jacksons total car care has you covered when it unexpectedly breaks down. Our total car care experts here at Jacksons are here to repair your vehicle so you can enjoy the warm weather in a cool and comfortable vehicle. If you are uncomfortably squirming in your seat, attempt to use your AC to be let down with blast of unwelcomed hot air coming from your vent. Contact us at Jacksons total car care for a qualified service or repair on your vehicles air condition system and components.

A/C Quick Check


A/C Recharge

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A/C Leak Test & Recharge

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Best way to determin if you are having AC/Heating troubles:

  • If your air-conditioning blows just a little cooler than air outside.
  • The defroster takes longer than normal when operating.
  • If your AC/heating only operates when driving, not when Idling, or stops blowing when the automobile is at idle.
  • Air-conditioning blows warm.
  • Low air pressure coming from vents.
  • Air in the car smells moist, rotten, or of mildew.
  • The smell of burning clutch material from compressor.
  • Damaged or frayed serpentine drive belt.
  • Rubbing or grinding noises coming from under hood.
  • Continuously running AC compressor.